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Founder and Director

Amrit Maan is a fourth generation British Punjabi of a pioneering Punjabi family established in the UK since 1936. He is a qualified solicitor, specialising in the fields of diversity and inclusion, and is the Managing Director of The Punjab Covent Garden. It is the UK’s first and oldest Punjabi Indian Restaurant, founded by his great grandfather

in 1946, the walls of which are decorated with pictures of both the family journey and other British-Punjabis.

His background has both inspired and intrigued Amrit leading him to explore his heritage which has come most noticeably and enjoyably through arts and media.  He is passionate about redressing the isolated nature in which contemporary British Punjabi creativity exists, hence leading him to found Punjab Arts CIC, a not-for-profit social enterprise.Amrit holds an MBA from Cranfield University and a MA in World Comparative Religions specialising in Sikhism, and has built extensive high-profile links within the community, actively working to promote community relations, initiatives and projects. Amrit has worked with the British Armed Forces UK highlighting current British-Sikh contributions and opportunities; he is an active philanthropist supporting homeless, heritage and military charities; he is also an experienced management consultant and an established business mentor to young entrepreneurs, 

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